Doctor Doctor is a Budapest based Hungarian pop – rock band formed in 2015 and composed of songwriter Sándor Kele (lead vocals, keyboard, accoustic guitar), István G. Hatvani (bass guitar, backing vocals), Bence Práder (solo guitar), Tamás Csaba (rhythm and solo guitar) and Ágoston Kiss (drums).

Story of the band

Early years (2014-2016)

After a year in Zürich, Switzerland, songwriter Sándor Kele returned to Budapest in November 2014 and started rehearsing with his guitarist friend Tibor Guzmics. During these early rehearsals they played only in two. At that time Sándor just wanted to work out his sketches and record them without any further aim, but Tibor argued that this plan cannot be accomplished without a band. Once Sándor asked his colleague István Gábor Hatvani: “…you play the bass, right?..” István answered: “yes, I do. Where have you heard about it”. Sándor replied: “I felt it”. From this point onwards, Sándor, Tibor and István started to practice in tree, two guitars and the bass. There was, however, a need for a drummer, and Alberto Piantanida, the Italian Bowie-fan drummer was found through an advertisement and the ancestor of the band was formed in June 2015. The songs started to come alive and there was a certain chemistry which seemed to work between the band members. Another Italian musician, the guitarist/pianist Marcello Lella joined the band while Tibor left as he was too busy to invest more time and energy in the band. In January, Sándor visited the Dali museum in Florida and came up with the idea to name the band after one of the paintings of Dali called “Daughters of the West Wind”. Unfortunately, the huge gaps between the taste of the band members hindered the further progress of the band. Thus in April 2016 Marcello left, after which Bence Práder, the 20 year old guitarist joined the band- and Alberto left as well due to unforeseen conflicts. István, Sándor and Bence started to rehearse in three for 1-2 months and then Péter Bán joined as drummer for summer but this line-up did no work either. It seemed hopeless to find a good drummer with the right taste. At the end of the summer 2016, Alberto and Sándor met again and the Italian returned to the band and in October they started to record the first five demos at the Pesti Studio, with the help of Balogh Csé Csaba (ex-Anton Vezuv guitarist). The early versions of the songs: Johnny went for rain, Sunday, Legacy, Roses around you and Minutes on Earth were recorded and at the same time the name of the band was changed to Doctor Doctor. Meanwhile the rehearsals with Alberto turned to the worst. It became clear that it is impossible to work together further and in April 2017 the band had to let Alberto go.

The current line-up (2017-)

Sándor called Ágoston, his former drummer friend who loved the Doctor Doctor demos, and he was happy to join. In spring 2017, the demos were sent to the organizers of the international Veszprémi Utcazene Fesztivál and the band was chosen to give 4 concerts and spent 4 awesome days in July 2017 in Veszprém. The songs were shown for the first time to the public, and the feedback was really positive. There was, however, a need for a fifth member to complete the sound of the band. In September 2017, an experienced guitarist-songwriter, Tamás Csaba (ex: Kingston Cruisers, Darwin, Suburban Neon) joined the band and after two months the band had its first club-concert in December 2017 at ELLÁTÓHÁZ.
The band is currently involved in playing at various clubs of the Budapest nightlife and is working on new songs and on its first album.